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Welcome to GreatNorthCreations.ca


    Canada is located in the northern part of North America. It consists of 10 provinces and 3 territories. It boasts of glaciers and rainforests, Niagara Falls and the Great Lakes. It's Pacific waters are a scuba divers dream and the Atlantic carries icebergs to their end. The prairie provinces feed the country while our many rivers give us power to light us up. 

     The national animal is the beaver and like him the Canadian people are industrious, multi-talented, innovative and have a great ecological concern for our country and our planet. We at Great North Creations believe we should place more focus on the environmental issues challenging us today by buying eco-frienldy products whenever we can and reducing our ecological footprint on this earth. 

     Canada has many talented and innovative artisans who manufacture their goods by using organic and natural products only. All items that we choose to feature on our site are handmade by talented and innovative Canadian artisans. 

Handmade Jewelry line is fashioned by a lady who has been into jewelry since she was 6 years old when a bunch of beads was given to her. She is an award winning, Internationally renowned Canadian artist.  Her exclusive line "The Mill Lake Collection" takes its inspiration from Mill lake in the heart of Abbotsford B.C and features the Mill Lake Leaf. Her one of a kind creation of the "Angel Ring" featuring a Mystic Topaz stone flanked by an angel on either side is by order only. 

     NEWS FLASH: There is a brilliant colored new stone coming out of Brazil called Glacier Ice This outstandingly gorgeous gem is now available exclusively thru this site in Canada thanks to Leslie. Currently she has it in pendants only but will expand it to other pieces in the near future.

   Beading  is an art form unto itself and Irene does it beautifully.  As an avid lover of nature she has always searched for ways to interpret its beauty and after experimenting with many mediums, settled on beads. The glitter and transparency works well to depict her versions of birds, butterflies, flowers and animals. She also does Magnetite necklaces, wraps and bracelets. Magnetite can relieve pain and many other sypmtoms.

     Our unique line of children's Barrettes are made by two ladies who also make a line of children's clothes.     

     We believe that Mother Earth needs a little help and attention right now and we want to do our part by offering Environmentally Friendly products for your gift giving and home decor. Like in Dubai, In this wonderful City Everything is enviromentally frendly. Everybody wants to Buy Villa In Dubai and I think Mother Earth would be grateful to move your family there. We think  it's time to celebrate her by using products that are eco-friendly and gentle to her. Eco Friendly Houses are in turkey as well, you can also find Turkey Properties For Sale in fantastic prices. So if you want to be enviromentaly friendly bet on Turkey Homes.

      Last but not least are Merna's Pins. She painstakingly paints landsacapes, flower and animals on brooches that are 1 3/4 to 2 1/4 inches wide.

         We take great pride in all our artisans and as time goes on we will be adding more to our website. Thank you for visiting Great North Creations and have fun shopping.

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